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Monthly Alliance Webinars

In cooperation with several Alliance members, this group provides FREE monthly webinars for organizations who are just beginning their journey as well as other who are well down their path.


NOTE: the registration links below will take you to a partner site to complete the process for these events .

Nov. 16th
8-9am PT

Finding Premierness: Henderson's Path to Excellence

Kiersten Farmer, MPTE, MASS

Henderson, NV

Overview: The City of Henderson, Nevada's Performance Management Program offers a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach in the data-driven age. This program, known as the "Path to Premier," embodies the city's aspirations to become one of the top 10% of municipalities in the nation based on results. What sets this initiative apart is its alignment with the renowned Baldrige Excellence Framework, a proven methodology for organizational excellence. At its core, both the Path to Premier and the Baldrige Framework prioritize data efficiency as a means to elevate performance.

To register for the webinar, visit:

Dec. 21st
8-9am PT

Building a High-Reliability Culture

Suzie Berregaard, Director of Operations for the Office of the Assistant Under Secretary of Health for Quality and Patient safety for VA

Overview: Integrated approaches are only valuable if they consistently produce desired outcomes. To achieve high reliability and excellence, organizations must embrace their mission and shift from rules-based to principles-based decision making. This conversation will explore the goals of a highly reliable organization and connect a high reliability framework with the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

To register for the webinar, visit:

Jan. 21st, 2024
8-9am PT

Using Comparative Data to Drive Performance Excellence in Your Organization

John Clifford, Director of Training & Workforce Development, Pagliacci Pizza

Seattle, WA

Overview: Coming soon.

To register for the webinar, visit:  Link coming soon.

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