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Becoming a PENW Examiner

It's challenging work, but your personal growth and learning is invaluable

THANK YOU for your interest in participating as an examiner for the Performance Excellence Northwest (PENW) programs!!!


This is a regionally recognized group of performance excellence practitioners and leaders. Participation supports your own professional development, provides valuable feedback to organizations' on the performance excellence journey and generates valuable growth to the Pacific Northwest region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington). Anyone currently working in the sectors of business, public service, nonprofit, education and healthcare are welcome to participate in this elite group.  We encourage you to sign-up, become trained and join the PENW Board of Examiners today!  

Making an informed decision

Becoming a PENW Examiner is a tremendous professional development opportunity that can serve you and your employer for years to come. It’s a humbling commitment and one that we hold with great respect; organizations invite us in to assess their performance against the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework, and in turn, we offer them feedback (strengths and opportunities for improvement) regarding next steps on their improvement journey. To help New Examiners better understand the time commitment, you find a brief outline below. 

Many first time examiners are assigned to a Lite Application to reduce the workload and deepen the learning experience. Any questions?  Schedule a time with the Executive Director who can provide answers to all your questions so you can make an informed commitment to this elite role.  Or reach to or call 503-962-3433 and we’ll respond with more information via email or give you a call.