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Who is PENW?
What do we do?

Performance Excellence Northwest (PENW) is a non-profit 501(c)3 based in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

PENW is a membership-based organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating organizational excellence and performance improvement in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We are members of the Alliance for Performance Excellence and part of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program enterprise, and the proving ground if your organization is interested in competing for recognition for the national award.


PENW has two key service lines: education and assessment.

Our educational services guide and assist to help organizations achieve high performance and continuous improvement. Our peer-based assessment services provide members in our community with objective and supportive feedback that is based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework to assist organizations in assessing their performance and implementing effective strategies for improvement. Throughout an organization's assessment journey, PENW provides recognition and shares best practices so others may learn from one another in a collaborative and collegial environment.

Our Vision:

Recognized as the leader in performance excellence.

Leadership Presentation
Motivational Lecture

Our Mission:

Inspiring performance excellence.

Our Core Competency:

Demonstrating the impact and benefit of the Performance Excellence Framework. 

Working Together
Helping Hands

Our Values:

  • Excellence: We demonstrate exceptional performance.

  • Leadership: We dream, inspire, and deliver.

  • Service: We serve with purpose and passion.

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