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"Excellence is not something we achieve. It's something we create."

Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Paying for Groceries
Surgeons in Operating Room
Car-making factory

Could your organization benefit from PE in 3 questions?

1.) Is my organization doing as well as it could?
2.) How do you know?
3.) How should we change or improve to get better?


Using the Performance Excellence Framework exposes your organization to leading-edge, proven best practices. The questions are timeless and relevant to any sector, any size of organization. The answers you and your team generate provide insight about your current performance and how you could change to improve and get better results.

In reality, many organizations find the questions in the Performance Excellence Framework daunting and expansive as they expose your key systems that drive performance. For this reason, PENW's services are designed to help organizations navigate through the process of learning to arrive at data-driven opportunities for improvement. Use the buttons below to explore our options and determine which could be the best fit for your organizational learning path.

Learning is an essential attribute of high-performing organizations.
Effective, well-deployed organizational learning can help an organization improve from the early stages of reacting to problems to the highest levels of organization-wide improvement, refinement, and innovation.
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