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Development for Busy Leaders

The Executive Collaborative is a Performance Excellence-based leadership development program for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of these principles in their daily work.


This program is based on leading-edge, proven practices to:

  • Apply these principles in daily work using an impactful strategic-level project

  • Develop current and emerging leaders in your organization

  • Build leadership competency and capability

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What benefits will I get from participating?
  • Application of systems thinking and improvement methods to a meaningful executive level project to achieve demonstrable results that equal or exceed the value of the course investment.

  • Build leadership competency and capability through a deeper understanding of Baldrige framework within your organization.

  • Explore how the Baldrige framework can support and develop current and future leaders (career laddering and succession planning).

  • Analyze the impact of the Executive Project and arrive a deeper understanding of systems thinking, effective leadership behaviors and strategies to build a culture of improvement.

  • Demonstrate results that share the benefit of using the Baldrige Framework with your workforce and Board of Directors.

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Hallmarks of effective leadership
  • Respects workforce members’ and other stakeholders’ capabilities and requirements.

  • Sets high expectations for performance.

  • Creates & reinforces the culture of improvement.

  • Builds loyalties & teamwork based on the organization’s mission and vision.

  • Develops shared goals across the organization.

  • Guides the workforce and stakeholders to understand how their efforts connect to the mission, vision and core competencies.

  • Encourages and supports initiative, innovation and appropriate risk taking.

  • Avoids chains of command that require long decision paths.

  • Mechanisms for leaders to conduct self-examination, receive feedback and improve.

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Identify and implement a strategic project
  • Define individual learning objectives

  • Assess organizational challenges or advantages to identify a meaningful project opportunity.

  • Define scope, project goals and objectives.

  • Identify current state, future state and aligned best practices from national and regional research.

  • Develop project plans and timeline for completion within  3-6 months.

  • Execute project and perform quantitative and qualitative analysis.

  • Produce a written summary of key learning.

  • Deliver a brief presentation within the organization and to other Executive Collaborative participants.

  • Share learning and next steps at upcoming PENW Symposium and other presentations.

Ready to immerse yourself in Performance Excellence?

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