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Advancing Excellence

​Leading change inside an organization can be challenging due to resistance, cultural barriers, resource limitations, stakeholder dynamics, and the need for leadership alignment. However, with effective communication, strong leadership, and a systematic approach to change management, it is possible to navigate these challenges and drive successful change within the organization.

Advancing Excellence provides internal facilitators with the tools and resources needed to successfully implement new organizational strategies and processes. We develop your highest potential talent to support your organization through the complex process of change, ensuring successful implementation and long-term success. This course employs the use of current best practices and proven methods to help identify and manage the impacts of change on people, processes, and technology.

Skills to Support Culture Change

To be an effective internal change agent, a wide variety of skills are required. Advancing Excellence coursework creates opportunities for you to learn, practice and gain applied knowledge throughout your learning experience.

This course helps you develop effective communication and problem-solving skills to facilitate successful meetings and projects. Our faculty guides you through the process of planning, managing, and leading constructive relationships with all your stakeholders. This is a hands-on experience with coaching and real-time feedback to help you become an engaging leader of improvement and innovation.

Hard Skills

Experience acquired through direct application and use of continuous improvement tools, including data analysis, problem solving, and tracking implementation to generaate knowledge.

Soft Skills

Personal qualities, communication abilities, and interpersonal skills that enable individuals to work effectively with others, adapt to different situations, and demonstrate emotional intelligence.

Leadership Skills

Effectively influencing and motivating others, making sound decisions, fostering collaboration, and providing guidance to achieve organizational success while empowering and developing individuals.

Masters Level Preparation that Applies to Daily Work

Advancing Excellence has been adapted from a higher education course to provide an active environment where adult professionals can implement learning immediately in their daily work environment to further develop a culture of improvement and innovation.

Course Length:          9 months (Sept-May)

Session Frequency:  Two per month, 18 sessions total

1st & 3rd Thursday, 11am-12:30pm (90 min.)

Implementation:       Projects support key organizational results

Course Outcome:      Targeted experience to support organizational change

To get more information or enroll in this course, use the buttons below. If you have any questions, please schedule time with the Executive Director to get answers.

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