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Lean Six Sigma Courses

PENW Developed a Strategic Partnership with The Lean Six Sigma Company
to Help Organizations Build Internal Capacity to Improve Operations 

The need to improve organizational efficiency and productivity has never been greater. Today's challenges require organizations to streamline operations, find ways to eliminate waste, simplify processes, and improve results. PENW is excited to partner with The Lean Six Sigma Company (TLSSC) to bring powerful online and in-person offerings to our members in a convenient, virtual, efficient, and cost-effective way.

Online Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Lean Practitioner courses are continuously offered!  Read below for more details on these powerful offerings!

When you register for a TLSSC course, a significant portion of your fee is returned to PENW so we can continue offering educational opportunities in support of your performance excellence journey.

The Lean Six Sigma Company

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Every organization strives to satisfy – and preferably exceed – customer needs, all while performing at maximum efficiency and operating at the lowest possible costs. The Lean Six Sigma methodology is a data-driven and proven methodology that enables organizations to achieve these goals. It does so through a structured approach of identifying and measuring the problem, eliminating root-causes and wasteful activities, and implementing effective solutions, which in turn lead to faster lead-times, reduced defects and minimizing of variation in processes. This approach in turn, is divided in daily initiatives and project-based initiatives, each of which contain specific methods, tools and techniques. Examples of these are the DMAIC project method, stand-ups, kaizen events and value stream mapping.

PENW Members receive a 15% discount off the already value-priced fees!
Courses are offered throughout the year. Yours is beginning soon!

These skills take your career and future in a new direction!
Seize the day...register today!

Need to train a larger group in a cost-effective way?
TLSSC offers their high-impact training on-site with discounts to save you both time and budget. For more info, contact to get a custom quote for your needs.  

About our Partner

The Lean Six Sigma Company

TLSSC is one of the world’s leading providers of Lean Six Sigma education. The Lean Six Sigma Company’s classroom courses and workshops are certified according to the ISO18404 and ISO13053 standards, ensuring that the knowledge, skills, and competencies are recognized internationally. TLSSC has also collaborated with multiple universities in Europe in order to spread LSS within the academic setting. 
The Lean Six Sigma Company
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