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27th Annual Learning Symposium
October 17-19th, 2023
Bothell, WA

Dan Heath, Author
Team Networking at Symposium
PENW Team Recognition
PENW Team Award
PENW Learning Symposium

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Looking to engage your entire workforce and improve organizational performance?

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Our Services - What we do



Learning services on-site, virtual and on-demand for organizations and individuals to understand how the world-class Performance Excellence Framework informs organizational improvement.



Apply principles of Performance Excellence within your organization or with our collaborative learning environment, share learning and deepen your knowledge.



Participate in our peer-based learning assessments and receive comprehensive feedback to drive future improvements and receive recognition for higher levels of performance.

Virtual Team Meeting
Business Plan
Healthcare Surgery
Local Business Partners

Our People - Who we are

  • Formed in 1994 as the Washington State Quality Award (WSQA), today PENW serves organizations across the Northwest in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

  • Includes 200+ volunteers across a variety of sectors (healthcare, manufacturers, government, schools, businesses and nonprofits) who are using leading continuous improvement thinking and organizational development tools to improve their organizational performance.

  • Strategic partner of the national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and regional Alliance for Performance Excellence program.

Our Vision - Why we do it

Baldrige Program Logo
Baldrige Alliance Program
The Journey of Performance Excellence
Achieve sustainable performance excellence throughout the regions we serve.

We believe strong organizations committed to performance excellence create more value for their employees, stakeholders and communities. As local citizens, we are invested in helping organizations achieve their objectives, participate in a community of learning with others and
make the Northwest a better place to live, work and play.


Our Triple Aim: enabling your workforce and leaders to thrive in your organization!

1. Deliver on your commitment to customers

2. Develop a culture of improvement & innovation

3. Build sustainability to achieve short- and longer-term goals.

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