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Forest Sunrays

Benefits of Becoming a PENW Member

When you become a PENW, you buy access to a plethora of educational resources and experiences that take your knowledge to a new level.

  • Presentations, webinars and courses

  • Peer-based assessments 

  • Exposure to world-class best practices

  • Communities of Practice to build teamwork inside your leadership team

  • Objective, value-added feedback to advance your key systems and processes

Pam Taylor

City of Walla Walla

"PENW has helped our leaders change the way they build our culture and how we better serve our residents. It's having an impact to change the conversation about who we are and what we want to be."

Ryan Locicero

Clean Water Services

"This framework provides a roadmap to understand and improve our organization's performance from the inside-out. It's our work to do, but PENW's support is a partner in our work to get us there."

Jennifer Capps

Mason Health

"As a member, PENW provides us with services and access to like-minded leaders who share their successes and failures all in the spirit of getting better. We're all in this together."

Corporate Membership


When you become a Corporate Member it unlocks discounts from 25-50% off List Price, then charge services against your balance. Contact the Executive Director to build your tailored education plan....


Corporate Membership Benefits by Level

Individual Membership Designed For Your Development

Individual Membership

Designed to support examiners and judges in their personal growth and development of their performance excellence knowledge.


Benefits include:

  • On-going training to maintain your credentials

  • Provide access to webinars & presentations

  • Annual registration to the Annual Learning Symposium